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Muslim Martial Arts

Muslim Wushu

Ba Ji QuanPi Gua QuanTanTuiLiu He QuanTong bei Quan

Muslim Wushu Masters

Wang zi pingMa MentaYang Wan LuChamirChang Yuchun Hu DahaiMu yingLan YuWu ZhongZhang Shao FuMa XiandaChang tung sheng


Chamir also know as Cha Shang Mir who was born around 400 years ago. Legend has it that a muslim general Hua Zong Qi, was on a military campaign, got sick and was left behind to be nursed by peasants in a village in XinJiang. Once healed he taught, as a reward, his spring leg set to the locals. Tan Tui was not only a foundation to develop the beautiful , graceful and famous ch style, but was such a rational approach that it was adopted by all sorts of other styles.[1]

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